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Privacy Policy

Version 1.0, April 19, 2019

We take your privacy seriously. Our policies and systems are designed to protect the confidentiality and privacy of your information and communications.

PageWyze can only be used by members who need to register on our website by providing information requested. We reserve the right to verify and approve all registrations and admit or not admit members to PageWyze without assigning reasons.

We retain and store information that you submit and your activity on PageWyze systems including websites, apps, software and interfaces and may use these to improve our services or provide additional services.

We use cookies to enable specific features in the PageWyze service and these are stored on your computers and devices and accessed by PageWyze as needed.

We reserve the right to scan and approve content where we have reports of inappropriate content and communications to protect our services and members from harm.

PageWyze is a service that respects the privacy and dignity of people around the world without regard to race, gender, personal preferences, color, nationality, social or economic status. We welcome everyone to become members and treat all members as equals in their use of the services.

Nixel Ltd reserves the right to amend or change these policies from time to time without prior notice in response to legislation, legal and regulatory requirements and in order to improve our services. The latest updated version of our Privacy Policy is on display on our website at all times. We will notify you of changes to our policies and give you the opportunity to review them before continuing to use our services.
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