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About PageWyze

"Our mission is to make websites and digital marketing simple and fun for everyone. We would like people to enjoy and love designing, creating, growing and managing their websites without layers of technical complexity. PageWyze is a holistic cloud platform with incredibly easy-to-use apps to empower teams and enable them to create outstanding websites and digital communication platforms for their pursuits."

PageWyze is designed to be simple, versatile and scalable. We are aware of many methods that aim to remove coding from web design and development. These are helpful and enable people to create websites without too much knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Some of these can extend your website to a certain point. Beyond this you begin to feel a need for something that can handle sophistication and be flexible.

PageWyze does exactly this. We have brought in best practices in responsive website development to a simple structure that people of various disciplines can use. We have retained the ability to use code and bring in developers who can add the sophistication you would like in your website.

We have designed PageWyze to be for teams. Collaboration, coordination, workflow and scheduling are critical areas that take in a lot of time, focus and effort. PageWyze simplifies these while keeping everyone in the loop so your website tasks become easier to manage and simpler to coordinate.

PageWyze can be used to manage multiple websites. Each of these websites can be of any number of pages. The website can be designed to be mobile responsive so that it displays on all mobile and computing devices, different display sizes and the popular browsers that are in use. Pages can be in different languages. PageWyze supports all the popular world languages and scripts including Asian.

PageWyze is designed to help you with SEO and Digital Marketing. SEO on-page optimization is easily incorporated into your web pages. You can add your social media links and feeds to integrate your website into your social media marketing programs. Pages can be designed for email and mobile marketing. PageWyze is open and flexible and can accommodate the different requirements that your developers will need to make your website just the way you would like.

PageWyze is also designed for responses and analytics. So you can have these in the same interface and respond to messages, leads and submissions quickly and easily.

Website Management System

PageWyze is a multiple website collaboration platform that lets a team of designers, content writers, developers and marketers bring together various elements for a website.
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