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Learn the Basic HTML Code you may need to Edit Pages

You do not need to know HTML well to manage your pages and website in PageWyze. It does help to know a little HTML so you can update the content and manage the little formatting and styling that is needed.

HTML is not difficult to understand and learn. There are just a few essentials that you can learn and be able to update the content in PageWyze.

HTML follows a simple rule that is similar to Hello-Bye. When we have a conversation it opens with a Hello and typically ends with a Bye. HTML similarlly has an opening tag and a closing tag for all its elements. Some elements have an implicit closing which we will discuss. Once you understand this aspect you know that you need to have HTML tags and enclose your content within them.

These are the key HTML tags that you need to know to manage the basics of content editing in PageWyze.
With a few of these above you should be able to work your way to create and update the content in your pages.

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