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Create Website Components

PageWyze lets us create components that are commonly used across different pages. Presently PageWyze lets us create one component of each type and these are used in all the pages.

The components that we can create for the website are
In each website we have a Components tab. This lists the components available for the website and lets us add a new one.

For each component we only need a Name that lets us identify the component and the type of component from the list avaialble. We can add an optional description that explains the component and what it does for our internal reading.

We then write the text or content for the component which includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Stylesheet should contain all the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) classes that are used for the text, colors, backgrounds, layouts and algnment of the different items in the pages. We can write all the CSS classes in the same stylesheet and refer these classes and ids in the HTML of the pages. They will get commonly applied to all the pages and instances there the ids and classes have been referenced.

Masthead or Header is a section at the top of the page that can be common for all the pages in the website. It typically contains the logo, menu, some top links and sometimes images.

Footer is the section that appears at the bottom of the page after all the content of the page. The footer elements appear commonly across all the pages. Footers contain some links, instructions, copyright information, contact and support details and information that is useful for visitors and do not need to be prominently placed at the top of the pages.

Head is the invisible part of a page and contains meta information that is helpful for search engines and links to favicon, stylesheets, JavaScript files and others that are needed for processing of the pages. If you are using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Google Adwords for your website, part of the references needed go into the head section. You can write all the content you would like for the head section that should be common to all pages. You can also add head content specific for a page additionally in the head section of each page.

Please ensure that you only have a single instance of component of each type in the website.

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