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Use Notes for Documentation and Teamwork

Notes in PageWyze are a useful way to keep all your ideas, plans and discussions about your website alongside and handy to refer to. Notes can be added by any of the team members for a website and can be for the website as a whole or for individual pages, components and files. Notes are permanent until deleted.

Notes are a useful way to document your strategy, planning, ideas and discussions for the website. They serve are helpful references during the stages of design, coding, editing and quality checks. Notes can be a useful way for team members to write their progress and ask questions for which answers could be within the notes.

You can add notes by clicking on the Notes tab for the item such as website, page or component. The add + button opens up an editor where you can write and save your notes. You can also edit notes to update them with more information or corrections.

Notes can help the webstie team work more collaboratively and easily with access to information and discussions just where they are needed.

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