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Setup and Manage Team for your Website

PageWyze encourages website owners and designers to have specialist teams for their websites. By drawing on different skills and ideas you can have richer and more purposeful websites. You can choose to create and manage your websites on your own with PageWyze or you can expand this to a team. The team members could be located anywhere. PageWyze gives you a common digital platform that you can use to create and manage your website.

Your team needs to be setup for a website. Multiple websites will have different teams. Even if there are some members who are common to each website they need to be added individually for each website. Click on the Team tab to view the list of team members who are working on the website. When you create a website the owner of the website who has created it is automatically added to the team.

You can add team members to the website by simply entering their email or mobile. Team members should be registered members of PageWyze. If they are not you will need to have them sign up for a PageWyze account. We will also send them an invitation to join.

Once they are a member of PageWyze and you have entered their email or mobile, they are added to your team for the website and will be able to go over and update the website just as you are able to.

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